website has been seized due to a criminal investigation

29.03.2019 / Timely

As discussed in the public domain the Spanish Police in collaboration with Europol and Eurojust have seized website. According to the information on the website, investigation is linked with human trafficking and money laundering. People who have been advertising on this website and feel that they have been victims of crimes or exploitation, have been asked to contact the police.

Based on contacts received by Pro-tukipiste, the closing down of this site has caused various knock-on effects to sex workers advertising on this website. Pro-tukipiste expresses great concern on these people’s situation and safety. If you have been advertising on this website and would like to discuss about your situation, please feel free and get in contact with staff in Pro-tukipiste. Let’s find out what we can do together!

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11.07.2019 / Timely

28.06.2018 / Timely

Sexpo participate, together with sex workers, in the Pride Parade on the 30th of June. Our bloc consist of sex and erotic workers, their customers, friends, family members and other people who want to express their solidarity with people who sell sexual services. You can get equipped for the Parade with sunglasses or wigs, either for your own safety or to indicate that there is still stigma attached to sex and erotic work.