Outreach work

You might meet outreach workers from Pro-tukipiste in various environments. We do outreach work in bars, night clubs, erotic shops, strip-tease venues, massage parlours, Internet, streets and other outdoor localities. 

Whilst doing outreach work, we respect your self-determination and will not disturb your business. Our work in bars, night-clubs and erotic shops is transparent, which means that we always negotiate with the owner or her/his representative and obtain the permission to enter premises prior to coming inside.

We carry condoms, lubricants and other safer sex materials with us. Please feel free to ask for them when required. We are willing to chat with you about safer sex and various tips on how to keep yourself as safe as possible whilst working. We are also happy to tell you more about our services in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Sometimes when outreach workers come in, you might be busy. In these situations, you can book an appointment with us in a place and time that suits you better.