Pro-tukipiste services during the Festive Season

10.12.2020 / Timely

Testing for sexually transmitted infections is ON HOLD over the Festive Season (from the 21st of December 2020 to 3rd of January 2021).

During the National Public Holidays Pro-tukipiste services are closed. The dates when Pro-tukipiste is closed are:

Thursday 24th of December 2020

Friday the 25th of December 2020

Friday the 1st of January 2021

Wednesday 6th of January 2021.  

Individual support meetings are available by appointment only. 

Book an appointment by phone or via our chat service on our website.  

You can contact us by phone +358 40 650 3705 or via our chat-service from Mon to Thurs from 1- 4 pm.

You can also call directly to our workers. Direct numbers are found here:

Condom ”take away” is open without appointment in Helsinki Unit every Monday from 12 – 4 pm. (except on Monday 28th of December).

Due to the coronavirus situation our drop-in services and group activities are still on hold.  

ATTENTION! You are not allowed to come for tests or pick up condoms if you or your family member have symptoms of a corona virus (cough, signs of flu, difficulty breathing, fever, diarrhea / nausea, muscle pain, tiredness, or new loss of taste or smell).

We wish you a very Happy Festive Season 🙂
Sincerely, Pro-tukipiste staff

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